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Short Courses

ATA Training First Aid CourseWith ATA Training’s non-accredited industry workshops and courses, you’ll be able to keep your aged care skills, needed to work in the community or healthcare industries, up to date. We offer a wide range of specialised, aged care short courses in Perth tailored to meet the practical needs of these challenging industries.

From half day programs, to full day courses, our workshops are designed to conveniently give you the resources and skills necessary to keep on top of the skills needed to work in aged care, plus, for some courses, earn credit towards higher qualifications.

When working in a continually changing industry such as aged care, we strongly recommended staying updated with new procedures and information. One way you can do this is by regularly renewing your certifications such as your First Aid qualification. It is recommended that this be updated every 3 years, with your CPR certification renewed every year. (Recommended by the Australian Resuscitation Council).

Most of our aged care short courses in Perth are structured around the mandatory, practical skills essential for working in the aged care industry which is why our training takes a very hands-on approach. Our trainers have all worked in the health and aged care industries and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and practical skills.

Is your workplace looking to update staff skills? We offer the option for businesses and organisations to train under ATA Training through our group training programs. Find out more here

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Course Information

Please find below brief descriptions of each of our aged care short courses in Perth. For further information, or to customise a short course, please contact us today.

Occupational Health and Safety and Manual Tasks

This 4 hour session is a blend of both theory and practical tasks. It focuses on the risks associated with working in home and community care and explains the strategies used to prevent injuries at work. Topics include:

  • Transferring a client
  • The use of hoists
  • The use of aids such as slide sheets
  • Hazard identification and reporting
  • Safe working practices

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Client’s Rights and Responsibilities Abuse and Neglect

This training session covers a number of topics associated with understanding the rights of clients who receive a service.

Topics include:

  • The rights the clients have when receiving a service. Taking into account their lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious preferences
  • The responsibilities the clients have whilst receiving a service
  • Neglect and abuse of the elderly

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First Aid for Carers


This non-accredited workshop focuses on basic First Aid techniques that carers may need to use at work. Topics include:

  • Preserving life
  • Preventing further injury
  • Promoting recovery, and
  • Protecting the unconscious.

Please Note: this is not a full First Aid course. For our accredited Provide First Aid course, please refer to our Nationally Accredited courses section.

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Medication Management (Carer Level)

These sessions are delivered by our registered nurse educator. _DSC4705On-the-job competencies are a necessary component of this course. The clinical educator will assess participant’s competence on- the-job on 3 separate occasions.

Topics include:

  • Competency to administer oral medications to clients via Webster Packaging system
  • Demonstrated ability to measure blood sugar levels
  • Knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance relating to prescribed medications
  • Demonstrated understanding of medications management of your organisation

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Grief and Loss

This topic is delivered over 2 workshops by one of the funeral industry’s leading community liaison officers:

  • Session 1 – focuses on care and transfer of the deceased
  • Session 2 – focuses on understanding and responding to grief and loss

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Diabetes Awareness

This session looks at understanding one of Australia’s fastest growing chronic diseases. Our registered nurse educator will deliver current information on the management of clients with diabetes in a home care setting.

Topics include:

  • Facts about diabetes
  • What is diabetes
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Type I and Type II
  • Measuring glucose
  • General monitoring
  • Diabetes in the elderly
  • Hyperglycaemia
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Foot care

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Continence Management

This session aims to educate carers and staff in the correct choice and fitting of continence aids. Topics include:

Topics include:

  • Continence management and fluid intake
  • Correctly measuring clients for aids
  • Types of products available
  • Correct fitting of all aids available for both male and females
  • Myths about continence and what really works

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